Khalid’s individual solution

I think the best solution for fixing our everyday SMS problems would be to include an undo button. Everyone has sent that text that you never meant to send someone and things become really awkward. We can get rid of the risk of akwardness by putting the undo button.

This is the simplest way that we can fix this problem for ALL users. Everyone will know how to use an undo button. Anybody that has used a computer or other electronics should be familiar with the undo button. And it would be a simple click of a button. It is practical and it passes the “how can we make this more┬ácompatible for the laziest users test.”

Individual problem analysis statement and research

Problem: The autocorrect feature on smart phones can be a big problem for some people, as it corrects words that didnt need to be corrected in the first place. I want to find a solution that makes peoples lives even simpler when using a smart phone (iphone, droid, etc)

Does anyone have any better ideas for problems we could address?