Individual Problem Analysis Statement and Research

What our group is trying to do is make the smart phone “smarter”. Some of our ideas include fixing auto correct errors. I investigated cell phone use in academic matters and came across this article. Essentially, I believe there could be a way to enhance the smart phone to increase learning capabilities. The results this experiment reported that they improved their speech when using cell phone videos. I’m interested in making a cell phone a viable tool for learning, and perhaps schools can allow students to use their phones in class (appropriately).

Saudi Arabian universities have been using what is called “mobile learning”. By using cell phones, students are able to learn course material through a text message given from a professor’s PC, a system called Short Message Service (SMS). If something like this exists, I believe we can sure upgrade our smart phones to provide a connection to Blackboard as well. What students can’t receive in class will be able to obtain through their phones. Again, just an addition to making our smart phones “smarter”, by enhancing learning capabilities.