Nova Scotia Social Media Policy

I picked the Nova Scotia media policy because it was really random and had potential to be really interesting.  I was correct; it actually was really cool how they have policies for a location instead of a corporation. The main emphasis of the policy is to encourage clear and effective communication with all Nova Scotians using a variety of accepted tools, including social media. It is interesting because they explain exactly what is media and what and what can not be on the media. They also explain the proper ways to practice good media usage by measuring it to an imaginary “appropriatness” level that it must pass or else it will be taken down.

I found it cool that they had to specify exactly who needs to follow these policies.

The policy was pretty similar to any other social media policy.  It explained what kind of media can be monitored and also for what reason it is being monitored.


Best Buy Social Media Policy

Best Buy Social Media Policy

This social media policy is very standard, in my opinion, and contains basic values that employees should follow both on the job and in their lives. It emphasized that if one is to talk about Best Buy, then that person should identify their affiliation and state that it is THEIR opinion. Employees should be respectful and responsible when using social media by not disclosing financial info, personal info, anything that belongs to others, or confidential information. They should “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human” and follow Best Buy’s philosophy so that they do not risk being fired and/or injuring Best Buy’s reputation.

In my opinion, this policy was very straightforward and logical; Employees should have no problem understanding this and should carry over these values to their lives outside of work. It is most important that people think before they act on the social media and just be ethical and responsible, use common sense.