we could use this in our presentation!

This a text mr willits sent to his wife. We could use as an example of when you would want to cancel a text. Tell a funny story

Design Documentation

Steps to send an SMS message on an iPhone

1. Select messaging icon

2. Either create new message OR edit an existing message

3. Specify the recipient

4. Type message using keyboard

5. Send message

There could be a flaw anywhere between step 5 and step 6, therefore our group believes a step 5.5 should be implemented into the process of texting. (The pictures below illustrate an iphone sending a message vs. a non-smart phone sending a message; we want to use the idea of  the “cancel” button in the non-smart phone and implement it into the iphone)

Step 5.5 : The option to undo the text message.


(Smart phone sending a message w/o a cancel button)

(non smart phone sending a message w/ a cancel button; the cancel button is the same button that ends a phone call)

Rose’s individual solution

I do not own a smart a phone but I think there are better ways for them to function. My non smart phone, for example, has the ability to cancel a text message after it has been sent. That can not be done on smart phones. While my phone is outdated and doesn’t have the latest perks, smart phones could use phones like mine in order to function better. Simply put, the ideas and functions of non-smart phones need to be integrated with those of smart phones. We have to be careful to not propose ideas that have already been proposed by experts in this field of technology.

Tim’s individual solution

I think giving the user the option to undo an SMS message is the best solution. I would use the application feature to do so. Users would be able to download an application that gives them the ability to “undo” SMS messages freely. I believe the auto-correct function should be adjustable as well. As stated in our previous post, sometimes people text too quickly and don’t realize that the auto-correct feature has completely changed the meaning of their message….Here is a source regarding the auto-correct


Developed Problem Statement

We as a group have come to the conclusion that all SMS devices should allow the option to “undo” a message after being sent. Recently, Google mail added the option to undo a message once it has been sent, and we believe all SMS devices should have this option.

One issue that we addressed previously was auto correction errors, and if we enable an “undo” option with text messaging, this is one way to fix it. A lot of people may simply text too fast to realize auto correct messes up their message, and it would be too late to realize this once it has been sent.

We feel as if it’s necessary to address this issue because current research  shows that there has been discussion about this issue, but not much work on it.


Coca Cola Social Media Policy

Every company out there has their own social media policy, due to the fact our society is becoming largely involved with mainstream media. The policy stated here basically sums up what all companies should regulate in regards to what their employees can tweet about, ect. Interestingly enough, one rule explains how people should hesitate to post information about crisis situations. Surely sending a mass-forward text to your friends and family that Tacobell caught on fire would suffice.

This policy statement explains everything in detail on how one should distribute information and debate topics. Respect and honesty are key issues in relation to how people post and tweet things on the internet.

Employees also seem to largely misunderstand that the concept of Freedom of Speech is rather restricted when it comes to discussing business matters. In addition, many people do not realize that when a company’s image is threatened (because someone decided to joke about finding chicken heads in the fryer), “holding you responsible” translates to “termination”. They could be a little more clear on consequences, but that’s just my opinion.

Lastly, the average Joe may not realize that posting videos or uploading images may pose as an issue. This is something that needs to be addressed in the guidelines.