Khalid’s individual solution

I think the best solution for fixing our everyday SMS problems would be to include an undo button. Everyone has sent that text that you never meant to send someone and things become really awkward. We can get rid of the risk of akwardness by putting the undo button.

This is the simplest way that we can fix this problem for ALL users. Everyone will know how to use an undo button. Anybody that has used a computer or other electronics should be familiar with the undo button. And it would be a simple click of a button. It is practical and it passes the “how can we make this more compatible for the laziest users test.”

Jerry’s Individual solution

Sorry this is so late. I believe having an undo button for smartphones would be the best solution. I think it should part of the option section in smartphones. That way you can choose if you want your phone to do it or not. This is helpful because if you do txt too quickly and send a txt you didn’t mean to send or something was misspelled (or autocorrected) you can get back the txt within whatever time period you set it for. Apparently you can already download this into your cellphone which I had no clue you could do



Eli’s individual solution

I apologize for being late, but here it is:

SMS Undo is a feature that apparently “undos” a text once it has been sent. I wasn’t aware of this feature myself because nobody ever talked about it before. I believe we should enable having an “undo” feature in the phone from the start, rather than having to search for an app. As Rose puts it, why not simply take most of the old features from older phones and install them in the smart phones? Apparently some old phones already had this feature.


Dillon’s Solution

My solution to the problem of sending unintentional text messages, autocorrect miscorrects, and wrong recipients, is to have an undo feature similar to that of gmail.  You would have a 5 second window where you can simply hit an undo button, and the message will come right back into your texting window.  This would help fix all the problems stated above as well as some I’m sure we haven’t thought of.  Unfortunately, this technology already exists and is available for iPhones and all Nokia phones.  I wonder then, why more people don’t use this app, and why it isn’t more popular.

Individual Problem Analysis Statement and Research

What our group is trying to do is make the smart phone “smarter”. Some of our ideas include fixing auto correct errors. I investigated cell phone use in academic matters and came across this article. Essentially, I believe there could be a way to enhance the smart phone to increase learning capabilities. The results this experiment reported that they improved their speech when using cell phone videos. I’m interested in making a cell phone a viable tool for learning, and perhaps schools can allow students to use their phones in class (appropriately).

Saudi Arabian universities have been using what is called “mobile learning”. By using cell phones, students are able to learn course material through a text message given from a professor’s PC, a system called Short Message Service (SMS). If something like this exists, I believe we can sure upgrade our smart phones to provide a connection to Blackboard as well. What students can’t receive in class will be able to obtain through their phones. Again, just an addition to making our smart phones “smarter”, by enhancing learning capabilities.

Individual problem analysis statement and research

Problem: The autocorrect feature on smart phones can be a big problem for some people, as it corrects words that didnt need to be corrected in the first place. I want to find a solution that makes peoples lives even simpler when using a smart phone (iphone, droid, etc)

Does anyone have any better ideas for problems we could address?

Hey everybody

In case nobody figured it out, this is group 1’s  blog for our stem 110t class, crn 33598. We need to start thinking about two things: 1. Our blog name and 2. the problem we would like to address. Please brainstorm and leave comments with your ideas. This group project will go very smoothly if everyone contributes. Thanks guys and look forward to working with you!

hey guys its tim, I’m not sure if the problem has to be related to all of us, if so, here are a few ideas…..crime @ ODU, attendance policy @ ODU, food @ ODU, traffic coming and leaving ODU….I personally like the problem regarding the attendance policy @ ODU. I believe if a student can pass the tests, quizzes, and exams then the student obviously knows the subject well enough. There shouldn’t be a penalty against students who miss X number of classes…….That’s just my opinion though, let me know what y’all think