Design Documentation

Steps to send an SMS message on an iPhone

1. Select messaging icon

2. Either create new message OR edit an existing message

3. Specify the recipient

4. Type message using keyboard

5. Send message

There could be a flaw anywhere between step 5 and step 6, therefore our group believes a step 5.5 should be implemented into the process of texting. (The pictures below illustrate an iphone sending a message vs. a non-smart phone sending a message; we want to use the idea of  the “cancel” button in the non-smart phone and implement it into the iphone)

Step 5.5 : The option to undo the text message.


(Smart phone sending a message w/o a cancel button)

(non smart phone sending a message w/ a cancel button; the cancel button is the same button that ends a phone call)

Tim’s individual solution

I think giving the user the option to undo an SMS message is the best solution. I would use the application feature to do so. Users would be able to download an application that gives them the ability to “undo” SMS messages freely. I believe the auto-correct function should be adjustable as well. As stated in our previous post, sometimes people text too quickly and don’t realize that the auto-correct feature has completely changed the meaning of their message….Here is a source regarding the auto-correct

Social Media Policy DRAFT

Old Dominion Inc.’s Social Media Policy

Welcome to our company. Here at Old Dominion Inc. we have certain rules and regulations regarding social media use. Please read over the following material and follow the directions listed.

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google+, etc.

Regarding social media networks, we believe it is completely up to the employee if he/she wishes to follow or like our corporation on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. However, we strongly recommend if you participate in social networking you take in account the following guidelines.

  • Do not post any obscene material (nude photos, photos of the dead, etc.)
  • Do not post any offensive material to any race, religion, or sex
  • Do not post any material degrading our corporation. (If you have a problem with our corporation speak with the owner, not the public.)

 Please understand the following terminology, for we do not tolerate such actions.

Slandermalicious, false statements used to ruin a good name.

Obscene – disgusting, indecent language, pictures or videos posted towards another employee or manager, or the company itself.

Offensive – material or language that would cause anger, irritation, or resentful displeasure.

Harassment -repeatedly disturbing another employee, manager or the company itself.

Threatening to do physical or emotional harm to another employee, manager, or the company itself will also not be tolerated.

Remember, employment at our company puts you in the public eye, making you easy to find on social media networks.

If  any employee fails to adhere to this policy, disciplinary action will be taken (Suspension or possible terminatio).

Please sign the bottom of this policy and complete the following quiz. This will ensure us you have read the policy and understand it.

Please read the following statements. If you believe the statement is true, please write TRUE in the indicated blank. If you believe the statement is false, please write FALSE in the indicated blank.

It is ok to tweet “I HATE OLD DOMINION INC!!”   _______

It is ok to post “I work for Old Dominion Inc”on Myspace.”  _______

It is ok to tweet “Joey and Jill had sex in the copy room.” _______

It is ok to tweet “I hate the Mexicans i work with.” ________

It is okay to post a picture of a dead body on Tumblr. _________

It is okay to display a picture of you and your dog. _________

____________                   _________________

SIGNATURE                                DATE

Walmart Social Media Policy

Walmart’s Social Media Policy

Walmart’s Social Media Policy is basically saying that it’s employees should not be posting harmful or offensive things on their Twitters or Facebooks. Walmart’s Social Media Policy gives step by step instructions on what to do and what not to do. For instance, something that Walmart encourages it’s employees to do is show respect and be polite. Something that Walmart prohibits on social media is bullying and foul language.

Something I found interesting in Walmart’s Social Media Policy is this statement regarding what to do on social media.

“Keep it real. All wall postings should come from a real person and Facebook profile. Postings from fake or anonymous profiles will be deleted when discovered.”

I just thought it was funny that they said “keep it real” Its like Walmart is trying to be cool and hip when they should be being professional.