Assignment 4 Biotechnology

Interviews- Discussion Question #5 p. 49

1. Briefly explain what Biotechnology means
2. Are you in favor of further Industrial research in this field?
3. Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue
4. What is your academic major?

Jake, Age 21

Northern VA Community College

1. “I’m not sure but I think it is the use of our knowledge of biology/science in everyday products”.

2. Yes.

3. ” Yes because Biotechnology has resulted in major medical advances in the last decade and will continue to result in medical advances in the coming years”

4. Undecided

Joe, Age 57 (My dad)

Western Kentucky University ’82

1. “The application of engineering principles in finding solutions to problems in the fields of medecine and biology. It is used in the advancements of quality,longevity, and sustainability of life- on this planet and in outer space”.

2. Yes

3. ” We need to research further because, in regards to food, our population is going to cause a demand in food supply; for the poor and undeveloped nations, it could be a tremendous benefit”.

4. Civil Engineering


Freshman girl (not mentioning name for confidentiality purposes)

Age 19, Old Dominion University

1. “I’m not exactly sure what biotechnology really is or can I think of any examples, I always believe technology was only mechanical stuff.”

2. “Sure”

3. “I would like to become a little more aware of what technology really is all about, considering I don’t have a clue about biotechnology. I now believe it’s equally important for everyone to get involved with how technology is growing today.”

4. Communications Major



It appears that with age comes knowledge. Our youngest interviewee appeared to have no knowledge on biotechnology in the least, while our oldest member appeared to be up to date with technology and our society overall. The majors seemed to play a role as well, as the civil engineer was all for continued research in the fields of science and health. Overall as people get older and have more hands on (or academic) experiences with various technology, their opinions and attitudes about the subject shifts as well. In the end, with technology impacting our life in one way or the other, people far and wide seem to agree on the idea of continued research.

Rose’s individual solution

I do not own a smart a phone but I think there are better ways for them to function. My non smart phone, for example, has the ability to cancel a text message after it has been sent. That can not be done on smart phones. While my phone is outdated and doesn’t have the latest perks, smart phones could use phones like mine in order to function better. Simply put, the ideas and functions of non-smart phones need to be integrated with those of smart phones. We have to be careful to not propose ideas that have already been proposed by experts in this field of technology.

Individual problem analysis statement and research

Problem: The autocorrect feature on smart phones can be a big problem for some people, as it corrects words that didnt need to be corrected in the first place. I want to find a solution that makes peoples lives even simpler when using a smart phone (iphone, droid, etc)

Does anyone have any better ideas for problems we could address?

Rose’s Interviews Summary

After interviewing my friends Nick and Alex, I realized that not many students are aware that ODU has a social policy. Neither of them had ideas about what they wanted in a social policy and lack any sort of opinion on social media policies all together. Trends in the interviews included being respectful and responsible when using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Alex had a policy with a group he belongs to at ODU (ODU ghost hunting) that included not posting results of investigations. Nick, however, said that his job (employed by ODU) did not have a social media policy. These interviews were insightful, but overall I did not really get any ideas for our own social media policy.

Interview questions

Hey guys as you all know we have to do at least two interviews and we need questions for them. So, please think of questions we could ask our interviewees, that would further our assignment and help us make our own social media policy. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section under this post.


Best Buy Social Media Policy

Best Buy Social Media Policy

This social media policy is very standard, in my opinion, and contains basic values that employees should follow both on the job and in their lives. It emphasized that if one is to talk about Best Buy, then that person should identify their affiliation and state that it is THEIR opinion. Employees should be respectful and responsible when using social media by not disclosing financial info, personal info, anything that belongs to others, or confidential information. They should “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human” and follow Best Buy’s philosophy so that they do not risk being fired and/or injuring Best Buy’s reputation.

In my opinion, this policy was very straightforward and logical; Employees should have no problem understanding this and should carry over these values to their lives outside of work. It is most important that people think before they act on the social media and just be ethical and responsible, use common sense.