Jerry’s Individual solution

Sorry this is so late. I believe having an undo button for smartphones would be the best solution. I think it should part of the option section in smartphones. That way you can choose if you want your phone to do it or not. This is helpful because if you do txt too quickly and send a txt you didn’t mean to send or something was misspelled (or autocorrected) you can get back the txt within whatever time period you set it for. Apparently you can already download this into your cellphone which I had no clue you could do



Mason Inc. Social Media Policy

I choose the Mason Inc. Social Media Policy because it’s short, simple, and to the point. It seems like the main ideas had to do with the fact that your responsible about what you do on the social media site your on. For example you can’t cite or reference clients or associates without they’re approval. Also if you do publish anything on a personal blog or website that’s work related you have to put “The postings on this site are my own and do not represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.” They also want you to be aware of your association with Mason, so you should think about the pictures you put up, and the statements make in your posts.

Something I found pretty interesting was one the statements: “Don’t pick fights, and accept and correct any mistakes you have made.” That was pretty interesting because I’ve never seen that in kind of policy before.