Eli’s individual solution

I apologize for being late, but here it is:


SMS Undo is a feature that apparently “undos” a text once it has been sent. I wasn’t aware of this feature myself because nobody ever talked about it before. I believe we should enable having an “undo” feature in the phone from the start, rather than having to search for an app. As Rose puts it, why not simply take most of the old features from older phones and install them in the smart phones? Apparently some old phones already had this feature.


Great job guys

Awesome presentation today, we totally rocked it. Looking forward to how our final project turns out!


Individual Problem Analysis Statement and Research


What our group is trying to do is make the smart phone “smarter”. Some of our ideas include fixing auto correct errors. I investigated cell phone use in academic matters and came across this article. Essentially, I believe there could be a way to enhance the smart phone to increase learning capabilities. The results this experiment reported that they improved their speech when using cell phone videos. I’m interested in making a cell phone a viable tool for learning, and perhaps schools can allow students to use their phones in class (appropriately).



Saudi Arabian universities have been using what is called “mobile learning”. By using cell phones, students are able to learn course material through a text message given from a professor’s PC, a system called Short Message Service (SMS). If something like this exists, I believe we can sure upgrade our smart phones to provide a connection to Blackboard as well. What students can’t receive in class will be able to obtain through their phones. Again, just an addition to making our smart phones “smarter”, by enhancing learning capabilities.


Coca Cola Social Media Policy

Every company out there has their own social media policy, due to the fact our society is becoming largely involved with mainstream media. The policy stated here basically sums up what all companies should regulate in regards to what their employees can tweet about, ect. Interestingly enough, one rule explains how people should hesitate to post information about crisis situations. Surely sending a mass-forward text to your friends and family that Tacobell caught on fire would suffice.

This policy statement explains everything in detail on how one should distribute information and debate topics. Respect and honesty are key issues in relation to how people post and tweet things on the internet.

Employees also seem to largely misunderstand that the concept of Freedom of Speech is rather restricted when it comes to discussing business matters. In addition, many people do not realize that when a company’s image is threatened (because someone decided to joke about finding chicken heads in the fryer), “holding you responsible” translates to “termination”. They could be a little more clear on consequences, but that’s just my opinion.

Lastly, the average Joe may not realize that posting videos or uploading images may pose as an issue. This is something that needs to be addressed in the guidelines.