Dillon’s Solution

My solution to the problem of sending unintentional text messages, autocorrect miscorrects, and wrong recipients, is to have an undo feature similar to that of gmail.  You would have a 5 second window where you can simply hit an undo button, and the message will come right back into your texting window.  This would help fix all the problems stated above as well as some I’m sure we haven’t thought of.  Unfortunately, this technology already exists and is available for iPhones and all Nokia phones.  I wonder then, why more people don’t use this app, and why it isn’t more popular.



Developed Problem Statement

We as a group have come to the conclusion that all SMS devices should allow the option to “undo” a message after being sent. Recently, Google mail added the option to undo a message once it has been sent, and we believe all SMS devices should have this option.

One issue that we addressed previously was auto correction errors, and if we enable an “undo” option with text messaging, this is one way to fix it. A lot of people may simply text too fast to realize auto correct messes up their message, and it would be too late to realize this once it has been sent.

We feel as if it’s necessary to address this issue because current research  shows that there has been discussion about this issue, but not much work on it.