Hi, we are group 1 of the stem 110t 33598 class. The name of our group is Iphone 36o, like the revolution of xbox; we are going to revolutionize the already smart, smart phone: the iphone . Sure there are problems like world hunger, pollution and  war. But of the biggest [first] world problems is that our smart phones aren’t smart enough. The most common failure of smart phones is (1) to check the grammar of your text messages and attempt to make it correct; however, many times for many people it has caused embarrassment, sadness, confusion, and sometime even heartbreak (See picture below). And what is worse, is that your pain and embarrassment is posted all over the internet for people to view, whether they are bored at work or waiting for class to start. Another problem that people have with phones in general is that you can’t “unsend” a text message. Our organization seeks a solution to these terrible, terrible problems. Using the technologies of this modern world, we will find a better and smarter way to for your cellphone to function. Have no fear, AUTOCORRECT CORRECTORS ARE HERE!

Our Group members: Rose Sieve, Elijah Greiser, Timothy Mitchell, Jeremiah Ledbetter, Khalid Rahimi, Dillon Paiva

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