Dillon’s Solution

My solution to the problem of sending unintentional text messages, autocorrect miscorrects, and wrong recipients, is to have an undo feature similar to that of gmail.  You would have a 5 second window where you can simply hit an undo button, and the message will come right back into your texting window.  This would help fix all the problems stated above as well as some I’m sure we haven’t thought of.  Unfortunately, this technology already exists and is available for iPhones and all Nokia phones.  I wonder then, why more people don’t use this app, and why it isn’t more popular.



2 comments on “Dillon’s Solution

  1. So after posting this I went into iTunes and the app store looking for this app that I read up on. I found it and something interesting as well, the reviews were awful. Apparently the app doesn’t work with threaded sms messages, and one person said after they installed the app, they couldn’t receive messages. So someone has definitely tried to implement this technology, but hasn’t done it quite right.

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