Rose’s Interviews Summary

After interviewing my friends Nick and Alex, I realized that not many students are aware that ODU has a social policy. Neither of them had ideas about what they wanted in a social policy and lack any sort of opinion on social media policies all together. Trends in the interviews included being respectful and responsible when using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Alex had a policy with a group he belongs to at ODU (ODU ghost hunting) that included not posting results of investigations. Nick, however, said that his job (employed by ODU) did not have a social media policy. These interviews were insightful, but overall I did not really get any ideas for our own social media policy.

3 comments on “Rose’s Interviews Summary

  1. When people “read” through these policies, most of them tend to just skip all the way to the bottom to click the “I agree to the above terms”, or what have you. So my idea, is to come up with a way to captivate the reader’s attention. Perhaps we can bold, underline, or enlarge the font on the important terms.

    Perhaps we can have provide a social media policy quiz at the end of our statement, to see if people actually read and understood the guidelines. How this “quiz” is relevant to our assignment is beyond me, but it’s a start, nonetheless.

  2. I agree also with the bold idea, and I agree with Tim on making it short while explaining everything. Maybe instead of making it a paragraph we can make it bulleted list.

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