Interview questions

Hey guys as you all know we have to do at least two interviews and we need questions for them. So, please think of questions we could ask our interviewees, that would further our assignment and help us make our own social media policy. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section under this post.


Walmart Social Media Policy

Walmart’s Social Media Policy

Walmart’s Social Media Policy is basically saying that it’s employees should not be posting harmful or offensive things on their Twitters or Facebooks. Walmart’s Social Media Policy gives step by step instructions on what to do and what not to do. For instance, something that Walmart encourages it’s employees to do is show respect and be polite. Something that Walmart prohibits on social media is bullying and foul language.

Something I found interesting in Walmart’s Social Media Policy is this statement regarding what to do on social media.

“Keep it real. All wall postings should come from a real person and Facebook profile. Postings from fake or anonymous profiles will be deleted when discovered.”

I just thought it was funny that they said “keep it real” Its like Walmart is trying to be cool and hip when they should be being professional.


Coca Cola Social Media Policy

Every company out there has their own social media policy, due to the fact our society is becoming largely involved with mainstream media. The policy stated here basically sums up what all companies should regulate in regards to what their employees can tweet about, ect. Interestingly enough, one rule explains how people should hesitate to post information about crisis situations. Surely sending a mass-forward text to your friends and family that Tacobell caught on fire would suffice.

This policy statement explains everything in detail on how one should distribute information and debate topics. Respect and honesty are key issues in relation to how people post and tweet things on the internet.

Employees also seem to largely misunderstand that the concept of Freedom of Speech is rather restricted when it comes to discussing business matters. In addition, many people do not realize that when a company’s image is threatened (because someone decided to joke about finding chicken heads in the fryer), “holding you responsible” translates to “termination”. They could be a little more clear on consequences, but that’s just my opinion.

Lastly, the average Joe may not realize that posting videos or uploading images may pose as an issue. This is something that needs to be addressed in the guidelines.

Best Buy Social Media Policy

Best Buy Social Media Policy

This social media policy is very standard, in my opinion, and contains basic values that employees should follow both on the job and in their lives. It emphasized that if one is to talk about Best Buy, then that person should identify their affiliation and state that it is THEIR opinion. Employees should be respectful and responsible when using social media by not disclosing financial info, personal info, anything that belongs to others, or confidential information. They should “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human” and follow Best Buy’s philosophy so that they do not risk being fired and/or injuring Best Buy’s reputation.

In my opinion, this policy was very straightforward and logical; Employees should have no problem understanding this and should carry over these values to their lives outside of work. It is most important that people think before they act on the social media and just be ethical and responsible, use common sense.

Communications Assignment

Hey guys we need to split up the assignment and get it done for next week.

The first part is individual (“As a group, you will first collect, organize, and synthesize (interpret and make sense of)  what’s already out there. Each of you should locate and review one social media policy  in some organization (you’ll have a total of 5-6 different policies). Then, on your group blog, each of you publishes a post with a link to the policy and provides a summary of what you found including key elements that struck you as important or disconcerting”.)

Then we have to do two interviews and create our own policy. I will do 1 interview if someone else does the other. Then everyone can just pitch ideas about what we should do for our policy

Hey everybody

In case nobody figured it out, this is group 1’s  blog for our stem 110t class, crn 33598. We need to start thinking about two things: 1. Our blog name and 2. the problem we would like to address. Please brainstorm and leave comments with your ideas. This group project will go very smoothly if everyone contributes. Thanks guys and look forward to working with you!

hey guys its tim, I’m not sure if the problem has to be related to all of us, if so, here are a few ideas…..crime @ ODU, attendance policy @ ODU, food @ ODU, traffic coming and leaving ODU….I personally like the problem regarding the attendance policy @ ODU. I believe if a student can pass the tests, quizzes, and exams then the student obviously knows the subject well enough. There shouldn’t be a penalty against students who miss X number of classes…….That’s just my opinion though, let me know what y’all think